Wallpaper 24

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Zag Cover

Stoked on getting the cover of the latest issue of Zigzag Surfing Magazine with Brandon Jackson from our recent trip to a nearby Indian Ocean Island. Just the second session with my new Del Mar Housing. Shot Erik, you make a great product!

Perfect Day

Dale Staples makes the long walk up the point at Skeleton Bay in Namibia. With it being over 2km long you can only imagine how many waves like this he mind surfed during that time… DPS, latest issue of Surfer Magazine

Ricky Basnett is a photo slut…

I thought i was being smart the other day and tuned Ricky that i would be taking a % of his photo incentives in the future with all the coverage we have been getting… Of course Ricky Bobby is too much of a rock star to get silly photo incentives… and i was put back in my place. Guess I’ve just got to be grateful for having such a photogenic surfer to shoot… haha! Ricky Basnett, Senegal, DPS  in the latest Australian Surfing Life Magazine.

The Africa Project Roadshow part 1

7 days, 7 screening, a whole lot of stoked surfers and good times catching up with everyone along the way. Check out the first of two slideshows on the Zigzag site here

Destination: Mozambique

Check out our Destination: Mozambique slideshow on Surfline, captions by Ricky Basnett and Simon Fish.

The Year of Surf in Africa

It may not be everyones number one choice in surf destination but over the last few years the surfing world has been taking notice of what Africa has to offer. Not long ago if you had asked an American or Australian surfer about Africa and surf they would have understandably said South Africa, maybe Morocco. But with the interest our coastline has been getting recently and the trips and discoveries been made, not to mention what else is out there… It seems it is the year of Surf in Africa. 

(Surfer and Tracks Magazine both running our Nigeria feature, Anarchy and A-frames in their latest issues.)


Spot Check: Reunion

A Surfline Spot Check on St Leu, Reunion Island with images from our trip last year, narrated by Romain Cloitre. Reunion Island has to be the most beautiful place i have been fortunate enough to travel to and has an abundance of world class waves. For South Africans it’s just a short flight and is surprisingly affordable. So if any of you are looking for a surf destination, i highly recommend Reunion. Take the Mrs, there is plenty of shopping and sightseeing, or go with your mates, the French ladies are not too bad…


Photo Talk

Check out a little Q&A i did  here with Thank you to Gerhard Steenkamp for the opportunity, appreciate it!

It’s here…

A couple of years in the making and it’s finally here. My good mate Jason Hearn’s much anticipated film, The Africa Project will premier on Friday 25 November at Trinity, 15 Bennett Street, Green Point, Cape Town.

If you’re  a surfer in South Africa you would have heard all about it. For those of you who haven’t, it’s basically a film or documentary about Africa and travel in Africa seen through the eyes of a surfer. I was fortunate enough to be involved in the project, traveling to Senegal, Morocco, Reunion and around South Africa shooting stills and seen the footage. This is definitely something you don’t want to miss!

Pre-drinks at 18:30, Movie starts at 20:00,  it’s free so if you in Cape Town, be there… For those who are not, don’t worry, a road show is been planned heading along the coast up toward Durban in January…