Wallpaper 24

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Zag Cover

Stoked on getting the cover of the latest issue of Zigzag Surfing Magazine with Brandon Jackson from our recent trip to a nearby Indian Ocean Island. Just the second session with my new Del Mar Housing. Shot Erik, you make a great product!

Quik Pro Junior 2012

Click here to check the Quik Pro Junior highlights gallery from this last weekends event held at New Pier.

Wallpaper 22

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Photo Talk

Check out a little Q&A i did  here with Thank you to Gerhard Steenkamp for the opportunity, appreciate it!

Z-Files – The left and right coast

Lefts,rights, points, beachbreaks… we are so blessed for waves here in South Africa. Zag and I put together a little slideshow of left over images shot over the last year from all the way up the West Coast to the other side of Durban on the East Coast. Click here to check it out.

Wallpaper 17

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Wallpaper 15

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Summer Bowls

A little slideshow of images collected over December and January in Durban, click here to check it out.

Wallpaper 14

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