Quik Pro Junior 2012

Click here to check the Quik Pro Junior highlights gallery from this last weekends event held at New Pier.

Finding some inspiration

Nothing like messing around in some small surf to find a little inspiration… One or two from this morning.

Ricky Basnett is a photo slut…

I thought i was being smart the other day and tuned Ricky that i would be taking a % of his photo incentives in the future with all the coverage we have been getting… Of course Ricky Bobby is too much of a rock star to get silly photo incentives… and i was put back in my place. Guess I’ve just got to be grateful for having such a photogenic surfer to shoot… haha! Ricky Basnett, Senegal, DPS  in the latest Australian Surfing Life Magazine.

Those moments in between…

Surf photography is not just about the action it’s about so much more… Just as surfing is a lifestyle, all those moment we live in between waves define who we are and what we do.

Cover of the 2012 Zigzag Wetsuit Buyers Guide

Part 2 PE-Dbn

Check it out here

Destination: Mozambique

Check out our Destination: Mozambique slideshow on Surfline, captions by Ricky Basnett and Simon Fish.

Recently published

It sometimes takes a while for it to filter back to you when your images have run in overseas publications, but there is still that same stoke like years ago of waiting for the latest Zag to come out and then seeing one of your images had been chosen… A feeling i hope never dies! Below are a few spreads from the 2011 Surf News Photo Annual.

The Year of Surf in Africa

It may not be everyones number one choice in surf destination but over the last few years the surfing world has been taking notice of what Africa has to offer. Not long ago if you had asked an American or Australian surfer about Africa and surf they would have understandably said South Africa, maybe Morocco. But with the interest our coastline has been getting recently and the trips and discoveries been made, not to mention what else is out there… It seems it is the year of Surf in Africa. 

(Surfer and Tracks Magazine both running our Nigeria feature, Anarchy and A-frames in their latest issues.)

Greg Ewing profile on, check it out here

Spot Check: Reunion

A Surfline Spot Check on St Leu, Reunion Island with images from our trip last year, narrated by Romain Cloitre. Reunion Island has to be the most beautiful place i have been fortunate enough to travel to and has an abundance of world class waves. For South Africans it’s just a short flight and is surprisingly affordable. So if any of you are looking for a surf destination, i highly recommend Reunion. Take the Mrs, there is plenty of shopping and sightseeing, or go with your mates, the French ladies are not too bad…