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Those moments in between…

Surf photography is not just about the action it’s about so much more… Just as surfing is a lifestyle, all those moment we live in between waves define who we are and what we do.

Cover of the 2012 Zigzag Wetsuit Buyers Guide

Part 2 PE-Dbn

Check it out here

The Africa Project Roadshow part 1

7 days, 7 screening, a whole lot of stoked surfers and good times catching up with everyone along the way. Check out the first of two slideshows on the Zigzag site here

The Year of Surf in Africa

It may not be everyones number one choice in surf destination but over the last few years the surfing world has been taking notice of what Africa has to offer. Not long ago if you had asked an American or Australian surfer about Africa and surf they would have understandably said South Africa, maybe Morocco. But with the interest our coastline has been getting recently and the trips and discoveries been made, not to mention what else is out there… It seems it is the year of Surf in Africa. 

(Surfer and Tracks Magazine both running our Nigeria feature, Anarchy and A-frames in their latest issues.)

Greg Ewing profile on, check it out here

Photo Talk

Check out a little Q&A i did  here with Thank you to Gerhard Steenkamp for the opportunity, appreciate it!

Sitting duck!

It’s pretty much that time of year when i really question why I’m an outdoor photographer living in Durban… Sure we have great weather most of the year and i wear shorts and slops in winter… but a month of pretty much constant rain kind of gets to you, shoots being postponed, put off… Lots of time for admin and selling, which is not all bad i guess. This drenched Kingfisher knows my pain, hey buddy haha. Saved him the other day before my evil cat had a chance to pounce, well Mina isn’t actually too gifted in the hunting department but this poor guy was a sitting duck.

Ok back to the office work, enough of a rant for now…

It’s here…

A couple of years in the making and it’s finally here. My good mate Jason Hearn’s much anticipated film, The Africa Project will premier on Friday 25 November at Trinity, 15 Bennett Street, Green Point, Cape Town.

If you’re  a surfer in South Africa you would have heard all about it. For those of you who haven’t, it’s basically a film or documentary about Africa and travel in Africa seen through the eyes of a surfer. I was fortunate enough to be involved in the project, traveling to Senegal, Morocco, Reunion and around South Africa shooting stills and seen the footage. This is definitely something you don’t want to miss!

Pre-drinks at 18:30, Movie starts at 20:00,  it’s free so if you in Cape Town, be there… For those who are not, don’t worry, a road show is been planned heading along the coast up toward Durban in January…

Surfers Ear

I decided to Google surfers ear to find a pic to put with this post. I’m not sure what I thought I was going to find but there were some pretty gross looking things. The inner ear is not a looker so instead of been put off and immediately closing this page I went with this nice clean diagram.

Why I’m blogging about surfers ear? Well after about 10 years of the doctors telling me that my ears were really bad and that I would have to get them drilled, it got to a point where I simply couldn’t put it off any longer. My ears were 90% grown closed and had about 50% hearing… awesome when I’m wanting to sleep in and ignore Bella (my food obsessed labrador) telling me it’s breakfast time but not so cool when I’m trying to negotiate a deal on the phone…

To put it simply surfers ear is basically a defense mechanism. When the ear is subjected to cold water and wind it decides to protect the inner ear by growing closed. Unfortunately it grows closed with bone and has to be drilled and chipped open, awesome! So here i am, two days after the op, both ears blocked, stuffed with cotton wool and a couple myprodols for company… haha, it’s really not that bad.  I should have hearing back in a few days. Worst part is that you out the water for 6 weeks, no getting the ears wet… very strict instructions from Dr Williams. Ok maybe it’s not the best time of the year for surf but it’s 40 degrees out side, come on…

Chasing Swells…

We have been keeping a close eye on the charts the last month or two hoping to chase a swell to an undisclosed African destination. This screen shot isn’t really giving too much away as one swell follows the next, lighting up most of the West Coast of Africa but we pretty much on standby, hoping to book our flights in the next day…