Jason Hearn on MSW

Really great interview with Jason Hearn and The Africa Project, check it out here on Magic Seaweed

September F-Stop

Saffa Photohogs AVG, Spex and myself getting some nice ones in this months Surfline F-Stop showcase. 

The Walk…

Much has been said about Namibia’s most famous wave, the endless barrel, the power, the remoteness, the fickleness and of course the long long walk up the point…

Simon Fish early on in the day when running was still an option ha-ha! Spread in latest issue of Brazilian mag Fluir

NY Surf Film Festival

My partner in crime, Jay Hearn Dog has been rubbing shoulders with the big wigs of the Surf Film Industry recently. He is currently in New York promoting his movie, the Africa Project and getting great reviews. So stoked for him, he really deserves it! Jay mailed me these snap shots of my photos from the movie which run inside front and back cover of the festivals program. Not too shabby we think! Told him to bring me back a copy. Keep it up Jay, awesome stuff!

Recent Spreads

Some recent spreads appearing in the latest issue of Zigzag and it’s 2012/13 Boardshorts Guide. I remember the grab rail shot of Chris Leppan really well. It was a perfect day down the South Coast with a nice ground swell running, a land breeze and some good barrels were coming through. Positioning in the water was a little tricky that day with the banks but i could see that straight after the barrel on the outside was nice section and kept going to Chris, grab your rail, grab your rail. He doesn’t need any pointers from me though… ha-ha but he jammed his rail and nailed the shot, nice one buddy, Stoked!

Tracks Cover

Jacko and myself scoring the cover of the latest issue of Tracks Magazine… well kind of ha-ha!!

Best Bet

Best Bet for September, Reunion Island. Go check it out here on Surfline.com

Paradise Lost

Brandon Jackson nailing the opening spread of our Paradise Lost article in the latest issue of Brazilian surf magazine Fluir.