Greg Ewing portraitAny photographer worth their salt can freeze a decent moment, lock it onto film or a memory card and consider it a done deal. But Greg Ewing has fine tuned his craft to a point where he no longer captures a moment, but moulds and shapes them into unique images that imprint themselves on the mind’s eye long after you’ve flipped the page or looked away.
Nurturing himself on a liquid diet of surfing since the age of 16 when he started surfing, Greg soon shifted his focus to behind the lens. Since then, he’s been transferring that stoke to the multitude of incredible surf images he’s produced over the years, forming the backbone of a prolific career to date.
A stint as Senior Photographer of Amped Magazine was the stepping stone for the position of Photo Editor at Zigzag Surfing Magazine, where he honed his technical skills to a tee and immersed himself in the rock n’ roll world of magazine publishing. All this while still keeping his finger on the trigger and solidifying his position as one of South Africa’s primo surf photographers.
But days spent looking at perfect images are bound to get the itch throbbing. This has seen Greg embark on his own once more as an artist on the loose and a sharpshooter for hire in the action sport world. And it’s here you’ll find him again, capturing people, places, action… and making incredible moments along the way.

-Will Bendix, Editor, Zigzag Surfing Magazine

Greg is currently senior photographer at Zigzag Surfing Magazine in South Africa and has contributed to the following magazines world wide:

Advantage, Amped, Australian Surfing Life, Australian Kiteboarding, Blunt, Camera and Image, Do It Now, Fluir, Getaway, Glide, Go/Weg, Gust, Hard Core, Kite-Boarding, Kiteboarder, Mahala, SA Paddler, SBC Kiteboarding, Sixty 40, Surfer, Surfing, Surfin Life, Surfers Path, Surfers Journal, Surfers, Surf Session, Surfing World, Surf News, Surf Europe, Out There, The Big Issue, Tracks, Transworld Surf, Wavelength, WTW

Clients include:

Billabong, FCS, Firewire, Fox, Gotcha, Hurricane Surf, Island Style, Lizzard, Oakley, Oneill, Rash Wetsuits, Rip Curl, Reef Brazil, Reef Wetsuits, Roxy, RVCA, Quiksilver, Volcom