Back to back trips mean too much editing… my brain is fried but hey can I really complain? The Maldives was insane! The most beautiful, pristine place I have been fortunate enough to visit. Clear turquoise water, white sandy beaches, blue skies… the whole postcard thing. Add to that it’s offshore everyday and we scored waves, what more can I want!

So the last month has been a little crazy but just rapping up this edit and then off to the Mag to drop off disks. Will probably chat to one or two of the advertisers, definitely chat to Will Bednix and hopefully get the next mission on the go. In the mean time look out for our Mozambique and Maldives trips in the upcoming issue of Zigzag and will keep you posted on how the next adventure unfolds.

Big thanks to surfers, the boat crew and everyone involved in our Maldives trip. Awesome time, thanks guys!