The Bush

In this crazy world we find ourselves, it’s hard for it not to build up sometimes. We get tired, a little stressed, you know the usual… For me going for a run is a good way to keep on top of it.  Going for a surf, perfect! I think we surfed so much when we were younger, that we were so on top of it, so chilled that there was no stress at all! Ha ha. In our mellow mind frames we called it ‘Salt Water therapy’ and it was the answer to all life’s hassles.

Growing up in Cape Town I never really knew too much about the bush, well the outdoor kind that is. Kruger Park was over a 20 hour drive away and it wasn’t until I moved up to Durban that I was introduced to wildlife and in particular wildlife photography. I was hooked from the moment I drove into my first park and besides our annual family trips ive been fortunate enough to visit and document a few parks around the country on editorial assignments.
But back to my de-stressing thing. I find going into the bush or spending time in a park an amazing way to unwind. I don’t think about too much else besides, sightings, the golden hour, appreciating the beautiful outdoors and time spent with those around me. Everything else is a few hours away from my mind.  So if Salt Water therapy were a great way to describe going for a surf and unwinding, what would be a good one for going to the bush? Just something to think about. 
Anyways here are a few images from a trip last week. My first Cheetah sighting, pretty memorable!