Much travelling and very little Blogging…

Well it’s been a crazy last month to say the least. Clare and I were married on the 1st September (spring day) at the most beautiful and almost surreal Tuscan Villa in Italy joined my our family and close friends. Wow, what an amazing day! Thank you so much to all of you for making the effort, it makes us both feel so loved.
From Siena it was off to the very romantic but after a glass of wine, very confusing, Venice. Clare and I spent the next 3 weeks catching taxis, planes, trains and a LOT of walking around Europe. We spent time in Paris, Barcelona, Lisbon and Rome and also went to visit our good friends Bridge and Dave in Ibiza.
A highlight for sure, though a bit nerve racking at times (check the scooter) was our day trip to Formentera. Do your self a favour, Google it. I’ve been fortunate enough to have visited some beautiful islands and beaches but this place is crazy! Its not tropical, palm tree beautiful but has the clearest, turquoise water ive ever seen. When I retire and sail around the world, im stopping there for sure!
So it’s kind of back to reality now. Clare is starting her new Job and I have a few projects to work on but I will say one thing. It’s awesome travelling, seeing and experiencing new things but there is nothing quite like home!