The Kingfishers (part 1)

Meet our resident kingfisher or at least one of them… Clare and I have been staying in the spare room while we fix up and paint our main bedroom. Now every morning from around 6am, probably earlier but on principal I am still asleep then, there is a bit of activity outside our window, in particular on the side gate. At first I thought it was just one kingfisher but when I looked closer I realized it was a male and a female and every morning they go out looking for bugs and slugs and that sort of thing. It’s amazing the size of some of the creatures they catch and by the quantity we are sure there is a hungry family near by. All this goes on while Mina our cat sits patiently watching their every move from the comfort of the bed, no doubt planning her great hunt… Now Mina is no stealthy leopard or any wild cat for that matter and her skills are best left to tormenting the numerous gecko’s found around our house and to my knowledge has just one bird kill to her name. That itself was less than successful as Bella her rather overpowering and younger sibling (the lab) had to intervene but that is another story all together and could tie in to part 2 of this story, Mina Strikes… Haha