Well J-Bay has come and gone and I guess you know when you’re getting old when you grab the first flight out out there, contest rapped up, job done, it’s flippin cold, lets go home… haha. But seriously, cool contest and well done Parko! One step closer to that World Title. If there is one thing that stood out from this years contest was definitely Sean Holmes! The dude looked so in-tune with such effortless surfing. In a way it’s kind of like Parko’s surfing, he just makes it look so easy and natural rather than forcing a turn to emphasis his attack to the judges. So well done to Sean!! On top of that the serious amount of local support was insane. I heard a lot of people say that they have never seen the beach that packed before and they really got behind Sean and the other Saffas. Awesome! I’ve been doing some daily galleries for Zigzag on there website so if you’re interested click here to check them out.