Umzumbe Kids

Sometimes you just get to do something cool. Will Bendix had been tuning for a while about some kids down the couth coast at Umzumbe and how we needed to go check it out and hook up a shoot. So last week we finally organised it and Brandon and I headed down early on Saturday morning to meet the guys. I guess I didn’t really know what to expect but it didn’t take long before I could see the energy and honest stoke these kids have for surfing. There was a perfect little split peak and I had my time cut out for myself shooting as every wave, set or insider was surfed all the way to the beach by at least 3 of the frothing groms. We all know the cost of equipment and a lot of these guys were sharing old boards – so this is a little call out to the industry or anyone who has some kit or boards they could donate. It would go to someone who needs it, and it would get good use and be much appreciated. So if anyone can help, leave a message here and I will forward it on to the right people.